nubar: Eden Collection

nubar, Nail Polish

Fluttering, fiery, exuberant, and ethereal, expressing the whimsy of a new beginning, The Eden Collection
mimics the garden’s gift of life and energy.

Colors that exist in an ever-changing world, always growing and transforming. From vibrant petals to windswept skies, this collection will leave you thinking only one thought…. Meet me in Eden.

nubar, Nail PolishThe Eden Collection features the following shades:

  • A-Pee-Ing (N286) – an inviting shade of Orange with Gold Glass Microglitter sparks so to catch attention without being overwhelming.
  • Calla Lily Caramel (N279) – A dark Caramel colors with hues of gold and pink reflections. An absolutely beautiful shade for the sophisticated taste.
  • Dahlia Up Later (N284) – A gorgous sahde of Pink for everyone and all tastes. This beautiful shade of Pink contains crystalina micro glass glitters sure to excite everyone.
  • Dare you to Dragonfly (N280) – Dare you to Dragonfly Nail Polish, a wonderful Cream shade of light Turquoise. Great color for the summer and beyond.
  • Moss Mistress (N283) – A lime green nail lacquer. a must have Lime green shade to set you apart from the crowd in the hot summer days.
  • Rockin’ The Garden (N281) – A truly mesmerizing nail lacquer. A Pale Blue nail lacquer with micro particles of light blue shade. an absolutely wonderful shade for the summer.
  • Tulips to Kiss you with (N285) – Tulips to Kiss you with, the color of the summer. A hot Pink nail lacquer with crystalina micro glitters glass to add the sparkle you are looking for.
  • Wild Blue Yonder (N282) – A refreshing Bright Blue nail lacquer with Cristalina glass glitters for the the event of the summer.

Available for $8.00 per bottle, at