Deborah Lippmann: Wicked Cool Set

updated: 9/19/13

Deborah Lippmann, Nail Polish

One of the legions of fans of the Broadway show Wicked? So is nail whiz Deborah Lippmann-she’s seen the musical 10 times! To honor the popular show’s 10th anniversary, she whipped up limited-edition mini lacquers inspired by the Tony winner’s costumes and catchy tunes.

Lippmann described the inspiration for the Elphaba nail lacquer:

“We used pieces of fabric from her body suit, and of course her makeup as inspiration,” Lippmann said of the shade. “I love this shade because when you’re at home, you can transform into Elphaba and become her.”

Deborah Lippmann, Nail Polish

The Wicked Cool set features the following shades:

  • Defying Gravity – is a green with a crΓ¨me finish (inspired by the green skin of Elphaba and the name plays off the show-stopping song).
  • Popular – a hot pink lacquer with a shimmer finish (inspired by Glinda).
  • One Short Day – emerald glitter (inspired by The Emerald City).

Available September 2013, for $29.00, at


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